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Ilenia Girolami
The Architect Ilenia Girolami graduated from the University of Florence in Architecture in 2004 presenting a thesis on the Restoration of the Medici Villas which obtained full marks cum laude and was considered worthy of publication.

On the rolls of the professional association of Architects since 2005, she started working immediately in various fields, from interior design to restoration, the architectural design of new public and private buildings and safety on the work site. She has always been interested in Contemporary Art which she considers to be an important source of inspiration for designing.

The love of research has accompanied a brilliant professional carrier which has resulted in satisfaction and recognition over the years. If it is true that places have a soul then "the task of the architect is to dig out the soul of places and things".
A careful analysis of the site is at the base of every project which takes shape harmonizing the essential elements of the context, the structure, and the materials. The image and features of her work express themselves best in environments with a strong historical element.

Besides the study and design phases, the professional life of an architect is characterized by a constant presence on the work site because it is "important to admire things taking shape after having conceived them".