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This Florentine architecture firm founded by the Architect Ilenia Girolami provides a broad range of architectural services which include both the aesthetic and engineering aspect of every project.
The principal, Girolami, together with her trusted staff, provide projects for Building Renovations, Restoration of Monumental Buildings, New Building, Interior Design and Furnishings, Cadastre Filing, and Consulting and Appraisals for real estate operations in Italy and abroad.
Every project derives from a dynamic and innovative way to "do Architecture" which unites a quest for overall harmony with attention to detail, and research into materials with the specific engineering challenges of each project. Every project receives our full attention down to the smallest detail, approaching the practical aspects with creativity to find the best solution for a high quality project that is affordable for the client.
The experience acquired during the years of specialization in Monument Restoration, in particular on the Ville Medicee, has been further enriched since by important and prestigious projects such as the restoration of the Romanesque Church complex of Santa Maria at Dicomano (Florence), the restyling of the Medici Villa at Poggio Bartoli, Relais & Châteaux at Vicchio (Florence), numerous residential renovations in Italy, and experience outside Italy in the design of residences and hotels.
The Girolami firm succeeds in uniting the historical tradition of Tuscan and Florentine culture, dedicated to the care and restoration of historical property and monuments, to a passion for design and the most up-to-date interiors. This combination creates architecture with a unique charm.
The utility systems are considered right from the start, with particular attention given to lowering energy consumption and environmental sustainability. This attention to green architecture has always been a priority of the firm, using environmentally friendly materials and minimizing the impact of the works on the environment. We respond to our client's every need and can provide the services of trusted artisans and firms who are specialized in the work to be done upon request.
Photorealistic renderings are presented right from the concept stage, using modern technology and computers to actualize the proposed solutions. This allows the client to participate in the genesis of the project. The firm has many years of experience with building companies, offering project design, and technical and graphics assistance for the work site.